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Our Vision

The Weekend School Foundation's main purposes are to empower kids in India to strive toward greater education, level the playing field for them, and provide an opportunity for the kids to learn and grow. This foundation also works to improve the living condition of children and their parents.

The Story

The beginnings of the Weekend School Foundation (WSF) were a humbling experience. It started as an idea. An idea of change, empowerment, and development. To create a "weekend school" for underprivileged kids in an Indian village called Baijudih. This school would teach on Saturdays and Sundays, involving a STEM curriculum. Along this road, the Weekend School Foundation was able to accomplish many feats such as establishing a building for the kids to use. The school now teaches in-person and virtual classes. Every day we strive, and dedicated ourselves, to making more progress. We help each other out, and so can you.

Core Values

1. Empowering and encouraging kids to pursue education

2. Creating more opportunities for underprivileged kids

3. Providing an educational launchpad to strive for higher learning 

Image by Andre Hunter

4. Unlocking the intelligent mind of a child

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