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WSF Sanitation Initiative

In the morning, most of us get up and head to the bathroom and sit on our toilets. While we are sitting, people in rural areas such as Baijuhdih, have no access to toilets. As a result, they have to resort to open deification. Growing up in the village, our founder and CEO, Dr. Jha, found this to be unacceptable. He decided to take this matter into his own hands by starting the Weekend School Foundation Sanitation Initiative.

Dr. Jha is explaining to a local village resident how the bathroom will work when it is finished. It is important that the locals understand what is being built so they can use it properly

Dr. Jha finds the solution to the problem of where the water will flow by saying that they will build a septic tank for clean water to flow. This will give access to water for the locals to clean with and is a crucial part for the WSF Sanitation Initiative

Some locals are critical to how Dr. Jha and his team will build the tank. Difficulties will arise in every aspect, but Dr. Jha and his team found a way to have the locals agree and started to construct toilets.

The locals agreed to dig the toilet near their home. The toilet that we are using is a Gandhi toilet instead of a conventional one. The difference is that instead of sitting down on the toilet, you squat!


The toilet system that we use is a two pit system with septic tanks. 

Here, Dr. Jha is standing on the outline for the toilet.


Dr. Jha and his team spent a long time digging the hole for the toilet

Eventually, the hole was made and the toilet was installed

As of today, Dr. Jha's Weekend School Foundation Sanitation Initiative has built 5 toilets for locals to access and taken a step towards ending unsanitary environments, as well as open defecation. We continue to build more as time passes and one day, every villager will have access to toilets.

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